This project started with quite the energy and dedication from our side

This project started with quite the energy and dedication from our side. Our group, luckily comprised of individuals who were hard-working and gave a lot of time to this project. From all the late nights of video editing and presentation making, we gave in our all. Our best shots were taken in order to complete this project.
But the fire to “make a change” initially came from the research we did on the topic. Disease and Health has always been a matter of great concern amongst the masses. We did our reading through sources and were exposed to some shocking truths about places and people that were being pushed into a quicksand of poor medical facilities under the burden of poverty and lack of monetary sources.
The main idea that we wanted to bring forward in order to fulfill people’s needs was the idea of health literacy. We mean, that the needy are taught about medical conditions and how to take care of themselves. It was obvious that 4 individuals couldn’t create an enormous impact but we wanted to spread the message. Teaching those in need would enable them to take care of themselves and others in their community. Because surely, all medical facilities won’t always be available, and to avoid the chance of them succumbing to such situations, they should know the basics of avoiding diseases and illnesses at all times.
In order to do so, our chart was a child-friendly presentation aimed to help the younger audiences to understand the basics and learn. The presentation we made was mainly to spread the message to more people so they too could help those in need of medical education.
This, hopefully, would encourage people volunteering for such causes for the greater good of the community. This was our aim.