The Rise of Urban Mining

The Rise of Urban Mining : A Tremendous Process That Can Make The World A Better Place

A Tremendous Process : Urban Mining

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The process that is going to be presented here hasn’t just effected the civilisation lately, rather it’s thought to be a fair medium for bringing a massive & outstanding change in the whole world history. It’s urban mining that is being talked about.

Before discussing its necessities, the definition of “Urban Mining” should be mentioned.

The process of reconstruction and reclamation of materials from urban mining, building and waste, which may not otherwise explode on land. By changing the way we see our waste related to our urban landscape, we are able to mine – collection and salvaging – recycled and recycled valuable components, tied to a zero-landfill path towards the future. (1)

What We Think Is The End,Is Just The Beginning
Nowadays,the biggest problem by which our planet is burdened with is e-waste. The situation can be explained more precisely through some criteria.

Smartphones are really common these days. Eventually, whenever our smartphones don’t function properly like working slowly , we thoroughly decide to change the old one & get a brand new model. But the thing is , though we can easily forget all about our discarded device the moment we find a brand new shiny replacement in our hand, the mother planet can’t just digest it overnight. And so the planet is getting burdened with these poor old things called junks or e-waste.