The aim of this essay is to use a current literature to discuss the importance of both lifelong learning and the ability tio use evidence/research based practice in professional development as a nurse

The aim of this essay is to use a current literature to discuss the importance of both lifelong learning and the ability tio use evidence/research based practice in professional development as a nurse.  
A learner is …… 
Life long learning is …… 
Professional development is …… 
There are different types of learning styles that has been developed. Each learning style, has its strengths and limitations.  
Every learner has a different style of learning. A learner knowing the way they learn best as an individual and and in team work can help to improve on their waekness in learning. It will also help them find the best way of improving their strengths.  
Oldland, et al (2016), stated that ” team – based learning is used in shaping individual learning style, team skills and clinical practice.  
There are a few learning style theories that has to invented, some of these theories are Honey and Mumford learning styles, VARK guide to learning Style, M5 Kolbs Experiential LEARNING cycle.  
The focus of this essay will be based on Honey and Mumford learning style and VARK guide to learning.  
This discussion will be based ono my type of persnality and the effect my learning style will have in the future career choices.  
Anet, Cohen (2017); stated that ” Personality and learning are closely related”.  
He also went further be saying that basic personality trait can determine how well a person is organised and how this individual uses information or personality traits may indicates ones methodical approach and the way that the inidividual process information.  
The outcome of this essay will give a genral idea on how my personality and strengths matches my career as a nurse and also how my learning style can be developed in life long learning.  
According to Peter honey and Mumford learning styles’ there are four types of learners. They are an Activists, a theorist, a reflector and a Pragmatist. (honey and mumford 1992). Rooney, G (2017-2018). (reference in notes)  
The results of honey and mumford learning style quiz stated that I adopt an Activist learning style. I actually with some of the reasons given to an Activist, I can see myself as an activist. An activist enjoys “here and now”, tasks involving competitive teamwrok and problem-solvinig. Ronney, G. (2017-2018). 
As an activist I intend to work well in teams and I also like problem-solvinig. I like to engage in pulling new experiences. I set to be more open minded , ethusiastic and flexible. I have confident that I will work quite well with a reflector. This is because It will helpn me listen to others views more often and also understant their point of views vefore acting and sharing I what think. Rooney, G. (2017-2018). 
The Vark test in the other hand was created by neirl Fleming to help people understand the way they learn. (look for journal to support this information). 
This allow people to break down the way they study, to help them become more effective in learning. Neil Fleming styles is broken down into four ways. VARK( visual, aural, readin/writing and Kinesthetic. (VARK 2015).  
According to the VARK questionair, I am more of an Aural thank the rest of the learning styles.  
Visual   2 
Aural  12 
reading/writing  7 
Kinesthetic   10 
The VARK guidance to learning sugeest that I am an aural learner. I agree with some parts of this result in a way that, I like to ask lots of question both in my personal life and academic wise.  
I will be discussing about how my learning style will  impact positively on my learning development as a student nurse and also  as a professional nurse. I will also discussing about how it can be improved and also how to adopt other learning styles. I also have interest in listening, discuss, talk, recall and the ask questions. All my questions usually is derived from me listening to what everyone views are and where I don’t understand.  
I quite remember when I was doing my first degree in Forensic Science where we all had to do a lot of group work. Few collegaues of mine use to make a state that, “even though Elizabeth as a lot of questions, she is always listens first and respect and understand everyones views and its is always related to the work”.  
Part of the test that I agree with is my written/reading skills. My strongest learning style is not reading and writing. As I do not have a good foundation of english. But I can see improvement each day as I have taking it as a priority to improve upon english, both in reading and wrting. I belive that, if I continue with the effort I am making now towards my readinig and writing, I will soon become an expect.  
Even though I like to read and write down everything when I am learning and that is the only way things gets stuck in my head, it is still not of a professional reading and writing level. I at times grade my self to be a level three reading and wrting student.  
I also agree with my kinesthestic learning skills. This is because, I also learn very well when I am giving the chance to experience practical work. Example is when I go for madatory pratical trainning. I see myself that I learn more and I have effective understanding when it comes to the practicals.  
In constract. I will agree more with