Capstone Reflective Journal Submit by 2359 CST Saturday of each module specified in Course Calendar

Capstone Reflective Journal Submit by 2359 CST Saturday of each module specified in Course Calendar. NameVivian BlantonDate09/15/2018Overview Capstone Reflective Journal Each module you will make an entry into your Journal. You are asked to reflect on 3 of the key points for each module. Each entry should reflect on your understanding of the topic, your experiences and observations in your work environment or general nursing environment regarding the module topic. This is a cumulative document. You will save it to your own computer desktop or memory device and update it each week. You may choose to record more than one entry each week, especially if you have an aha moment as a result of your reading, discussions, or experience. You will upload and submit the latest version of your Capstone Reflective Journal to Blackboard by 2359 the Saturday following each of the first six modules of this course. It is not necessary that your entries be formatted or written in any particular way because it is for your benefit. Your entries will only be reviewed to ensure that you are making sufficient progress and thinking deeply about the requirements in the course. Rubrics Use this rubric to guide your Journal entries. There will be total of 6 Journal entries for Modules 1-6. Each Module you are expected to address 3 key points from the Module content, discuss how each point applies to your practice as a nurse, and, finally, how will your practice change in the future because of this information. In Module 7 your Journal entries will be used as you write the last paper for the program, the Synthesis Paper. Journal Rubric for each Module CriteriaTargetUnacceptableAddress 3 Key Points from Module for each Journal entry (50 points) Discuss the 3 key points selected and why they are important or memorable. (50 points) Does not sufficiently record connections or reflections (0 Points)Relevance and Evidence Based Practice (25 points) Connect RN-BSN experiences from each key point to career goals, prior nursing practice, a previous RN BSN course, nursing theories or research. Cite and reference as necessary. (25 points) Fails to connect RN-BSN experiences to goals, prior nursing practice, coursework, theories or research to key areas addressed or no references. (0 points) Future (25 points)Describes how personal practice will be different in the future based on RN-BSN program as a result of the 3 key areas addressed. (25 points)Fails to describes how personal practice will be different in the future based on RN-BSN program (0 points) Late submissions will be penalized 5 per day unless prior arrangements have been made with your Academic Coach to complete the assignment at a later time. Instructions Each week, record your experiences, connections to your course goals, and reflections as they relate to the given prompts and/or your course project. You must record one entry each week, but may record more (insert rows as needed). You may find it helpful and rewarding to record one entry at the beginning of the week, think about the prompt during the week, then record another at the end of the week. For privacy, refer to patients, online colleagues, and/or co-workers with initials instead of names. Save this document to your own computer desktop or storage device after each entry to create a cumulative journal Remember that the more thoughtfully and intentionally you record your immediate reflections, the easier it will be for you to pull all your experiences and thoughts together for your Journal Paper in Module 7. Module Journal Entries A separate Journal entry is required for Modules 1-6 by 2359 Saturday of each indicated module. Provide details of your thinking, including insights, challenges, paradigm shifts, and goals. Identify previous course topics, readings, or research that relate to the prompt. Journal Entry Module 1 Identify 3 key points form this module. Reflect on how why each point is important, how it impacts on your work experience or nursing practice, and how will you change your practice in the future based on each key area.Key Point 1One important key point is to provide nursing education. Many patients are at risk for injury or even death due to the lack of knowledge by nursing. Therefore, this not only leads to mistakes that are costly and deadly for our patients and even staff. So the capstone project only leads to further research and open up more opportunity to learn. Research provides best practice methods and care. So by increasing the knowledge in nursing, this will improve patient outcome and in some instances save cost. As a nurse, I believe we are obligated to stay informed, updated on practices and changes to continue to improve care. Throughout my nursing journey, I will commit to continued education in order to provide top care to my patients and team members. Key Point 2Another key point is learning styles. As I read the survey on learning styles, I found it to be beneficial. The small survey was actually helpful identifying personal learning styles. I feel educators must be informed of their own learning styles in order to be able to teach appropriately. Also knowing learning styles can also help educators to be able to determine other learning styles and know how to utilize them in their own teaching role. As an educator, I would certainly be aware of the other styles and use the style better fit at the appropriate time. Key Point 3My third key point is to find evidence based research and utilize this research in my practice. I am currently a member of the falls committee at my hospital. We are constantly looking for ways to provide safety for our patients of course number one being falls prevention. Prior to my BSN studies, I did not feel competent in research, however I feel competent in the process to research and how important it is in the care of our patients. Once I complete capstone, I will utilize my time with providing evidence based research in falls prevention in psychiatric patients, particularly the older adult population. Module 2 Identify 3 key points form this module. Reflect on how why each point is important, how it impacts on your work experience or nursing practice, and how will you change your practice in the future based on each key area.Key Point 1My first key point is regarding SMART goals. SMART goals has been a part of my nursing throughout my nursing journey. I am very familiar with SMART goals but did find something interesting. I discovered how to push SMART goals by using stretch goals. I also discovered that SMART goals are also used by other professionals. This was interesting in that examples were used by other professions on how to apply the SMART goals. Being aware of this gives me some insight on how nurses and other medical professionals can develop ways to further our SMART goals. Key Point 2Another key point is the impact schizophrenia has on the patient as well as the families and caretakers. They are impacted by this disease as well. That is why it is so important for nurses and other healthcare professionals to be informed with the most current information on mental health, mental health disorders and interventions. I currently use the knowledge I have obtained on schizophrenia to educate my patients and family members as well as share information with my peers. Typically, I do provide education for patients who are not thinking rationally and provide the same education as their thinking clears. I educate the family members, friends and caretakers on the importance of medication compliance, therapy and a stable environment. We promote a healthy and stable lifestyle as to encourage living a normal life. I also educate on signs and symptoms of a potential crisis. I believe education is one the most important interventions for my patients and families. Key Point 3My third key point is on the topic of schizophrenia. I am a psychiatric nurse and my interest in mental health topics are important to me. I see the importance of being educated on mental disorders, particularly schizophrenia. This disorder can have a negative impact in many ways. Information on schizophrenia should be useful for all departments in healthcare. These patients typically need to go through the emergency rooms, x-ray department, etc. The personnel in these departments as well as other departments should be informed as to how to approach schizophrenics who may be off medication or in a crisis. This is the kind of in-service that is needed throughout the hospital. This education is certainly beneficial to other RNs to have not only for the patients safety but the nurses safety as well. Module 3 Identify 3 key points form this module. Reflect on how why each point is important, how it impacts on your work experience or nursing practice, and how will you change your practice in the future based on each key area.Key Point 1 My first key point this week is regarding possible solutions. So I ask myself, what are possible solutions pertaining to the capstone project. As I researched to find the answer to the possible solutions, I found some interesting information to share with my peers as well as the information I needed for my project. One website that I found, I actually discovered that nutrition plays a part in treating schizophrenia. Some examples noted were the use of Omega 3, maintaining a stable blood sugar level and also the use of antioxidants. I am not including this in my capstone project by this is good information to share with my peers. Key Point 2 My second key point to discuss was selecting the audience for my capstone project was relatively easy. I selected my target audience from the medical surgical floor for intermediate care. I periodically worked on the floor so I was able to communicate with the nurses regarding mentally ill patients. Most of the nurses on the unit had minimal to no knowledge of caring for schizophrenic patients. Although this may not be cost effective, I feel more in-services would be beneficial throughout the hospital to increase competencies for all nurses and other staff as well regarding care for mentally ill patients, specifically schizophrenics. The same is for psychiatric nurses who need to remain competent in medical diagnosis and treatment due to the fact that many psychiatric patients also have medical problems as well that must be treated and monitored along with their psychiatric illness. Key Point 3 My third key point this week to discuss is the impact of cost that schizophrenia has on the public and also health care. As I continued my research for my capstone project, I discovered that the cost for long term care for patients is tremendous. Cost of the care, along with medical supplies, legal aspect such as court fees for involuntary patients, attorney fees, property destruction and other cost. Although I am a psychiatric nurse, I did not realize that treating the mentally ill is a costly as medical expenses. So this is great information to share with other units as well. Module 4 Identify 3 key points form this module. Reflect on how why each point is important, how it impacts on your work experience or nursing practice, and how will you change your practice in the future based on each key area.Key Point 1 The first key point this week from Module 4 is more information I acquired regarding how to critique my resume. I have many years in the behavioral health as well as mental retardation. Although I did not include this information on my resume, I feel I will add this information due to the fact that it shows my compassion and loyalty to this specialty. Now that I am working as a psychiatric nurse, I am able to utilize my skills throughout my years in psych to enhance my communication skills, education and knowledge of resources. Key Point 2 My second key point this week is utilizing the information that I learned in writing my resume. My last resume was when I applied for an internship position at my first job as a nurse. So much information has changed in just a few years that I basically reinvented my resume. Although I do not have much clinical and professional experience as a med surg nurse I feel its much needed information for my resume. I have put a lot a thought in how to give my resume a more professional appeal as once I obtain my BSN, I would like to start working toward a management position. Key Point 3 My last key point is regarding the discussion board. After reading some of the discussion boards regarding being a member of a professional organization, I became even more interesting in becoming a member. I am currently a member of the ANA and find it very beneficial. Once I have completed this program, I intend to focus on getting more certifications in order to increase my skills. Also having certifications in various specialty will also help me to be more marketable, thus including this information on my resume. Module 5 Identify 3 key points form this module. Reflect on how why each point is important, how it impacts on your work experience or nursing practice, and how will you change your practice in the future based on each key area.Key Point 1 The first key point I wish to make this week is regarding the feedback I received from my capstone project or the method I used. I understand now how utilizing different methods or incorporating them for evaluations can increase reliability. I however used the Likert scales only because I am very familiar with it. I also chose this time to use posttest because it seemed to be easily understood. The posttest therefore gave me a better understanding of my presentation evaluation which was very useful. Using the Likert scales seem to be more difficult as the scale can be read as ordinal or continuous data, leaving me with more a feeling of not thoroughly understanding the feedback due to the number of options for answers given. Pretest and posttest will be my choice of evaluation in future presentations. Key Point 2 My second key point this week is evidenced based practice. After researching for my capstone project, I have an even stronger commitment to provide education. Education is a tremendous part of patient care. In order to provide the education for patients, families, and peers, nurses must continue to keep updated with new both new and current evidenced based practice. Also we must continue to be open and diligent to learn more. The topic I chose regarding mental illness was very much received on the medical floor. I hope to inspire others to provide more inservice from the behavioral health unit as well as the medical floor provide the behavioral health unit with medical issues that should be addressed frequently. Key Point 3 My third key point this week is regarding constructive criticism. I have found that constructive criticism is a typical daily part of nursing. As to be a successful nurse and provider, we should be open to this type of criticism to grow, become more knowledgeable and strong in this nursing role. The feedback I received from the presentation allowed me to know my strength and weaknesses as I presented my project. I do however feel that many nurse are not always professional when giving feedback or criticism. With this being said, some nurses feel threatened or it affects their confidence. However, they are many nurses who are able to give constructive criticism thus allowing the nurse who is receiving the criticism to learn, ask questions and feel confident as they learn and grow. I am able to take constructive criticism and improve my skills. I have the ability of giving constructive criticism in order to help my peers as well as our patients. Module 6 Identify 3 key points form this module. Reflect on how why each point is important, how it impacts on your work experience or nursing practice, and how will you change your practice in the future based on each key area.Key Point 1Key Point 2Key Point 3 N4585 Capstone 2015University of Texas at Arlington Page PAGE 2 of NUMPAGES 7 N4585 Capstone 2015University of Texas at Arlington Save this document to your desktop or other storage device after each entry. Page PAGE 7 of NUMPAGES 7 5V9CziTMJUQIptNA)( 0us/)DzTVSKv2oF8xgLy7gZP L@cB/-tqwGvTXc,1Y5tp u@W_rx6z T
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