Strange Case of Dr

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was made by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson first published in 1886. We have to say that appearances only cause people to show a false version and repress a part of themselves, which over time may cause them to do things that affect the person and their neighbor.
The appearance; It is what can be seen or perceived from a person or an object from the outside, what is seen by the naked eye, what shows a person externally to others, there is no further deepening, nor a knowledge of how it is this person, it is simply what can be perceived from the outside (Diccionario Actual, 2016).

To begin we can show that appearances generate a negative impact on people based on the book “STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE”; where Dr. Jekyll had a life in which he appeared to be a professional doctor, educated, formal and given to the community, considering that he wanted to be someone else, for that reason he created the pasta to be Mr. Hyde and live experiences as a murder, among others. With the above we can see how a person because of maintaining an image in front of the society or the community to which he belongs can suppress feelings or actions that can generate that affect the other; since when a feeling accumulates it can “explode” with the smallest thing and not in the most positive way, that’s how Dr. Jekyll decided to take out that negative part because of all the social pressure he had; due to the historical context, where values and everything that surrounds religion predominated, the former achieved it through “another person” without realizing the scope that this would have.

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On the other hand, the places described in this story has similarities with the personalities of the characters. On one side, the house of Jekyll seems to be comfortable, bright, elegant, and professional, but the house of Hyde is so different because it is dark, silent, like if nobody were there, but the chimney was always smoking so someone was living there,with the windows always clean. As Jekyll has two personalities and appearances, his house has two appearances too, in which the reader knows this at the end. In our society, actually, we can see that people appear to be a person, but inside, they are totally different.

In conclusion, the society is interested in the appearance the people show daily, not in the real problem the person is passing through. Many questions create this book like what is the relationship between physical buildings and the events that take place in or near them? And there is an answer for this. The setting is important according to both personalities because a “clean” and bright Street represents Jekyll’s life, and a dark and dirty Street is the representation of Hyde’s life.