Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a novel which the theme of good vs evil is evident. Good and bad. Right and wrong. The first time is in the first chapter when a mysterious man, in this case, Mr. Hyde, trampled a child in a street and shows no piety. This shows us that Hyde is an evil person because he didn’t help her and apologize, the conclusion is that Hyde is an evil person. The text tells us that ‘the man trampled calmly over the child’s body and left her screaming on the ground’. The word ‘trampled’ tells us how he walked over the child and is worse when he ignores her ‘screams’ that is a clear sign that she is crying of pain.
But there is an important question that is how are Jekyll’s house and laboratory situated to represent a symbolic meaning to the situation? The front represents Jekyll personality and in the back Hyde personality. Jekyll is a joyful, peaceful, calm, polite and social person and we see this in his house, it is ‘comfortable’ and ‘warmed’ too. Hyde, on the other hand, is shy, rude, evil, not polite and serious person, completely different to Jekyll. Robert Louis Stevenson (the author) presents that there is no human who has the ability to be good or evil. On the other hand, the human nature is presented to exhibit both good and evil sides. The human nature talk about to feel and experience emotions. Happiness, sadness, love, and hate are all natural feelings that help to create our personality. Hyde’s life is around the emotions with hate. Hyde’s actions were very evil. Hyde’s first victim was an innocent child. Stevenson (the author) emphasizes in the moral from the beginning of the story. He didn’t know what love is, and that’s why he doesn’t feel nothing for the things that he does “he is perfectly cool and made no resistance”, but this love is similar from hate, he loves his hateful emotions and crazy actions. Jekyll knows both of these emotions and this combination brings a new emotion.
The final way in which good vs evil is seen is Jekyll’s suicide at the end, when he kills both personalities, himself and Hyde showing the triumph of good. We told in Jekyll’s own words that ‘I bring the life of that unhappy Henry Jekyll to an end’. Both characters are dead and at Jekyll’s decision, he agree that his life has not been fun because of Hyde. We can see then that Jekyll in the act of killing himself also kills Hyde, the symbols of good and evil are both dead.
The setting is very relevant to the theme and tell us a lot about the differences between Jekyll and Hyde. The story was made in London in the late nineteenth century, on a background of middle-class gentlemen who respect the value of respectability and the dynamic of the society. Knowing this, we see with the descriptions in the novel, that the doctor is more successful than Hyde.