Step 2B

Step 2B: Problems and Illustration
1. Decline in quality and productivity
2. Management issues within the company
3. Customer service and social media management
4. Loyalty to the customer
5. Do we need to share with the client?
6. Will this affect our relationship with the client?

Facts and Causes:
Decline in quality and productivity
– lack of communication between management and employees
– absenteeism
– work overload
– decrease in employee morale
– lack of delegation

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Impacts and Effects:
The investigation into the Roanoke branch of the Phoenix Advertising company showed that they are currently facing problems with both management and employee relations. The management problems are significantly affecting their employee performance and work ethic.
One of their main problems is the decrease in employee morale and motivation. This was easily shown through the answers received while conducting the interviews. The employees, both new and old, showed a huge decrease in their dedication to work, which resulted in the decline of the quality of their performance by 25% and the work they produced by 35%.
The employees also associated this declination to the fact that they felt dissatisfaction with the service and the performance of their superiors. They stated that they felt stressed in their work environment which resulted in an increased rate of 18% in sick days-this was the main source of the high employee turnover rate, which saw a growth of 10%. Complaints were also made of the work load placed on the employees due to the lack of delegation and the increase in overtime by 15% with little to no compensation. Poor communication or the lack thereof, between the employees and managers is also another issue raised during the interviews.