Solomon Asch conducted a study in “Opinions and Social Pressure

Solomon Asch conducted a study in “Opinions and Social Pressure,” to discover the influences majority may have on individuals. Found a vast amount of people confirmed under group pressure, as well as seen others, may also go against the popular majority. Solomon wanted to discover the reach on which social pressure played on people’s decisions and choices.
One hundred and twenty-three male students were involved in the study. Partakers were shown series of lines and several other lines which they would match to the standard range.
Answers announced were one by one in seated order. Out of the group, all but one partakers were told before the trials began to answer one hundred percent. The excluded person was the focus of the study, being seated at the end. His answers gave insights into the active role played on social pressure based on decisions made by people.
Solomon Asch also conducted an experiment where no subjects were told of the researcher purposes; the results were incorrect or less than one percent Solomon Asch continued the study.
Solomon Asch surveyed to discover the influences a majority may have on individuals, what he found was why there was conformity at all.

Solomon, A. (1995). Opinions and Social Pressure. In Behrens, L., ; Rosen, L. J. (Eds.) (2007).

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