Since the creation of Social media

Since the creation of Social media, it has been a huge controversy. Were some people think that it destroyed human interactions and real-life relationships. While others think that it was a huge benefit for the society and it connected people from all over the world. As Social media continues to progress, today social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp, have billions of users all over the globe. Today everyone is expected to have at least an account on one of these if not all. According to famous website called “,” about 2.62 billion people use social media today and it is expected to reach 3.02 billion people in 2021. This projects how Social media became a big part of people’s life’s. Social media has a lot of positive effects on people but it also has some negative effects, also depending on how people use it. Some people argue that Social media has made relationships easier were people could connect with each other’s from anywhere and make new friends and potentially partners. While others contradict by saying that it could lead to isolation and getting fake information from people, because on social media people could be whoever they want.