Poverty essay Poverty is the state when a person lacks the basic human needs and rights such as food

Poverty essay

Poverty is the state when a person lacks the basic human needs and rights such as food, water, shelter and a right to education. Poverty eradication is one of the 17 UN global goals for 2030 and one of the most important in my opinion. Despite the efforts of the un millennial development goals “according to (http://www.worldbank.org/en/topic/poverty/overview)
the most recent estimates, in 2013, 10.7 percent of the world’s population lived on less than US$1.90 a day” which is unacceptably high.

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One major way to start the eradication of poverty worldwide is to end corruption in governments in countries around the world and turning them into good stable governments, since a country with a very corrupt government will grow and progress slower than other countries and have less economy due to the government taking it all for themselves and not for developing the country or helping the people in the country. Right now, about 5% or $8 billion was taken by corrupt governments out of the $161 billions of aid money that was given

This links to my chosen goal no poverty since if the full amount of aid is given then the amount of poverty will decrease by a noticeable amount because $8 billion is a lot of money and would without a doubt help decrease poverty around the world.

This graph from gapminder.org shows how aid received per person is linked to how much corruption there is in the country if you look at Chile they have a 7 on the C.P.I. and their aid received pen person is not very high so it shows the link between corruption and poverty.

The second step in ending poverty would be to trying to end hunger and starvation. It is one of the 17 global goals and an important one as well according to (http://www.foodaidfoundation.org/world-hunger-statistics.html) “795 million people in the world do not have enough food. That’s about one in nine people on earth” and “45% of children deaths are caused by poor nutrition” that is a lot of people and it caused many deaths every year.
This would help in ending poverty because people are too hungry to go to school. According to (http://www.thp.org/issues/poverty/) “Over 30 percent of rural girls living in poverty are kept out of school to save money” which shows that they need to save money for food. If people get food and not be hungry they will have more energy to do useful things like go to school and go to their jobs and in turn earn money for themselves therefore ending poverty for that person and family which would reduce tremendously the amount of poverty around the world.
This links to my chosen goal for this topic (No hunger) since if people get food that would lead to them getting money eventually which would help in the fight against poverty.
This graph from shows the huge amount of people facing problems with hunger but it also shows that they have gone down since 1990 so it is possible to stop hunger

The last step in ending poverty for good worldwide will be to expand on the idea of Muhammad Yunus (inventor of microloans) which won him the 2006 noble peace prize which was to loan people small amounts of money to fund a project of theirs and when they have made enough money they can pay you back the amount you gave them. A lot of people took the initiative and made copies of the microloan idea like kiva.org and are now helping people worldwide.
This would help in ending poverty because it would give people money to start jobs or businesses or go to study in school or college to get a good paying job on the future. They can then help other people or their family with their money and the cycle would continue until poverty will be eradicated worldwide. According to kiva.org right now through their website $153,024,000 was lent to people with a 99.02% repayment rate which shows that the microloans are working and people are also getting payed back.
This links to the goal no poverty since this is helping people get jobs and money and food which will help a lot.
This graph from Kiva.org shows how many loans are made and also that a huge number of people are willing to donate money.

In conclusion ending poverty is an essential step in progressing as a planet and as this is part of the 17 un goals this is 100% achievable and I think that they will be able to achieve this goal.