In my community

In my community, we have a problem with families not getting enough food to eat. The young children are left hungry. Not enough food to eat make the young children malnutrioned, and unhealthy. One solution is to educate the community. For example, the newspaper can put an artical in the paper, or the town can hand out flyers that ask others to donate foods. Another solution might be to have an event called Feed Families Free Day. People in the communitiy could hand out free food to those in need. They could also give information on any other programs that could help with food items. With all this maybe not so many families would do without food and go hungry. This can bring hope and real help to change lives of many in need of help. (
Resaurants serve huge portions and we waste millions of pounds of food a year. People throw away leftovers daily without any thought or care in the world to many people that are starving right now. At least a half a billion people suffer some form of malnutrition. It is said that about 40,000 to 50,000 people die from malnutrition everyday. Over 13 million children are going to school hungry. A lot of children live in food insecure house holds. (
Effects of hunger and malnutrition are due to nutrient needs or low tissue reseserves in children, pregnant women, those who are ill and the elderly. The problem is not over-population, it most often is based on economics. Those who suffer from hunger, the numbers are rising everyday. Many children die daily as a result of food shortage. A person dies of hunger or hunger-related causes. It is children who die most often. (
Planting and growing your own vegetables and fruits is a great way to add food sourses to a family. If the soil and water suply isn’t healthy that wouldn’t be a reliable resource for fresh grown foods. For those who are land owners and grow their own foods, this might help them personaly but when they sell their items they control the prices to make profit. The increase in local production of the exported goods is not a solution because the profits continue to flow into the pockets of the corportions. Drought is one of the most common causes of food shortages, floods and tropical storms destroy the food growing, witch is a consequence for the hungry. Millions live with hunger and malnourishment because they simply cannot afford to buy enough food, or cannot afford the farming supplies they need to grow enough good food of their own. (
The companies that have left over foods should give it to the poor or the ones who are in need instead of throwing it away. Due to the lack of money, poverty, and food dumping many people from all over the world are going hungry. They should be helped out by donating food, offering jobs, and put laws on corporations for food dumping. With this it wouldn’t help the world but it would help out so many that are going hungry around the world.