One of the advantages of Facebook is communication

One of the advantages of Facebook is communication. Facebook allows you to stay connected with others across the world with similar interests. While it helps you stay connected, it could also become dangerous. Facebook makes you an easy victim of cyberbullying. It could also alter your perspective of yourself or others around you. All ages use facebook starting at 13-17. But overall I believe that it causes users to become unhappy because they socially compare themselves with others. Facebook has been more destructive rather than constructive for social relationships. It wasn’t long until we saw the first iteration of a now near ubiquitous company. February, 2004 saw Thefacebook launch. With a slightly different name, the platform was familiar. It had a profile where you could upload a photo, share your interests, and connect with other people. It also offered a network visualization of your connections. people are free to be someone they arent.