Nowadays ,social media playing a crucial role in our routine life . Children until adult are using social media in this modern world. The statistic also shows that , now around 2.77 billion social media users over the world was increased from 2.46 billion in 2017. Social media is a website or application that allow users to create and share contents.. The social media provide many benefits to the human being however there also have negative effects to people who are using social media for the wrong purpose. The advantages of social media are can use as a medium educate, resource to get latest information ,and the disadvantage of social media is can lead to cyberbullying.
Apart from searching for new friends in Facebook, our favourite artists status, about health and sports news, there are some real impacts of media social which are positive and negative too. Firstly, the benefits of social media is can be used as a medium to educate teens to hone different skills that are important in the real world. Nowadays, teenagers are more getting used to different social online environments which make them able to communicate more freely and easily. This fact can be supported by a research done by M.D. Roblyer et al .2010 where social media can use as educational communication and collaborate with faculty to help students in their educational communication. This can help them later on in life in the workplace because they know how to talk to different peoples. At the same time, they can show their employability too. Besides that, they also have to hone some skills and develop themselves mentally that enable them to face different situation contextually. For example, sites like Youtube provide thousands of educational videos, motivational videos and talent videos such as playing the piano, drawing and singing too .This assists them to sharpen and improvise their various talents and skills. Hence, they will not depend only to one field or work.
Furthermore, social media also can use as a resource to get latest information. Social media sites mainly depend on active participation and sharing of various contents. This contributes to the young people come up with creative content and think outside the box. This helps them to impress their employers and upgrade their position. Apart from the content that they share are unique, but new websites and programmes will spring up daily with new paths which help them to express their individuality and build themselves as a knowledgeable employee. This statement supported in a research by Zheng Xiang ,and Ulrike.Gretzal .(2009). where social media can act as a information sources .
However, media social also will give some negative impacts such as cyberbullying. Previously, bullying was happened only face to face but now it can be done via online too. Social media not only act as a medium to make friends easily but also give clue for the predators to find the victims .This is because of condition in social networks will be an advantage for the predators where keep their identity anonymously. Hence, they make use the situation to gain people’s believe and then terrorize them in front of their peers. The victims are not just kids but also full grown adults. These predators always make the victims mentally tortured and drive them to suicide thought. This can be supported in a research by Gwenn Schurgin O’Keeffe, and MDKathleen Clarke-Pearson, MD. (2011).that they said about the cyberbullying is purposely using social media for cheating in a communicate, to make other shame , and hostile information.
In the conclusion, social media have both pros and cons toward peoples life. Therefore, we must be aware the negative effect that will face if misuse the social media. People also must access the media in a correct way to avoid themselves from these problems. The related authorities also have to take significant actions toward cyberbullying. We must remember a saying that ‘ where’s a will, there’s a way.