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Right now, we are in the most critic point of global warming. Our planet is close to an irreversible damage, as once the temperature rises a certain amount then all the ice caps will melt. The tipping point in many scientists’ view is the 2?C rise which has been adopted as the maximum limit that mankind can risk. If we reach that point, it will affect many species’ survival prospects, including our own. We need to act strong and fast, and start by cutting the world’s global CO2 emissions, and our country is heavily compromise to this. Russia needs to act fast, so we can reduce our C02 emissions if we want to ensure a reduction of the earth’s temperature. We are highly compromised with the Climate Change Summit and its objective of ensuring a reduction of the earth’s temperature by 1.5 degrees in a period of 15 years.


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The best way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions would be to come up with a new energy strategy and to better protect Russia’s forests. Despite the fact that Russian forests can only counterbalance 20 percent of today’s emissions, experts say that it is imperative that the country do more to protect them. This is the root of our proposal, three quarters of our forests should be protected and one quarter opened to commercial logging. But forestry management must be greatly improved.


In order to accomplish this earth’s temperature decrease, our country is certain that stronger action is needed to cut our CO2 emissions. Nonetheless, we can’t just cut the carbon market without compromising our economy. Continued reforms are needed to make them work more efficiently. Investment and other policy approaches can do more to promote innovative technologies. Non-energy emissions must also be increasingly targeted, for example in agriculture, forestry and waste.


We must not forget our country’s previous promises. Russia is prepared to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by another 5 percentage points, or to 70 percent of the 1990 level by 2030, the Russian Natural Resources and Environment Ministry reported Minister Sergei Donskoi as saying at the UN climate conference (COP21) in Paris. Organizations with emission volume of over 50,000 tonnes of CO2 per year will be responsible for presenting reports to the government on their emissions levels. This target is consistent with Russia’s INDC pledge to the Paris Agreement. However, to have a likely chance of limiting global temperature rise to 2°C (3.6°F) and thus prevent some of the worst impacts of climate change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that emissions must peak in all regions by 2020. While not all countries will have to peak by this year, Russia is the fifth-largest emitter globally.
The government’s 2017 environmental program actually aims to reforest some 800,000 hectares (1.9 million acres) of land. Offset planting is not bad, but trees are not just planted to fight global warming. A new tree needs 70 or 80 years before it is fully grown. It is therefore very important to maintain existing forest.
Also, in 2009, the Federal Law no. 261-FZ, “On Energy Savings and Increase of Energy Efficiency,” was adopted. This Law established the legal, economic and administrative framework for promotion of energy savings and efficiency improvements. It also determined the deadlines for mandatory installation of measuring devices in order to control actual energy consumption and payments.

Russia is one of the main countries that is committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, it is important to mention that it is intended to carry out for three periods, in the short term that includes from the beginning that this request is applied up to 5 years later, to medium term that applies from 5 to 10 years and long term that equals 10 to 15 years, once specifying these terms, mention must be made of having some difficulties to be able to generate a change, that is why in the first stage the awareness of the Russian population where some rules are regulated, such as the use of cars and automobiles at 46%, since statistics of the – mention that -.
As a second term and we consider that the most important one is the reforestation of a quarter of the forests, since as we know Russia has 4.5 km2 of forest length, it is known that in 2013, Russia had a strong loss of forest , which was caused by global warming, to avoid this threat, for which an initiative is sought to maintain two thirds of said forest, where an environmentalist law is created to avoid unnecessary felling of said resource, on the other third part it is sought that in the second stage the reforestation of the total of the forests where it is dedicated to the via for profit, as in the economic sectors, is allowed. In case of not complying with these periods, it is sought to implement a protocol where the citizen who has violated said law, has to pay an amount of up to 5000 Russian rubles, plus taxes and depending on that action he should be assigned a specific green area for the care.
Finally, once you have an implementation of this technology it is necessary to look for the implementation of new green technologies, it was shown that the lack of technologies within this country can reduce emissions up to 35%, an important factor that you can consider.