My affinity for software and data analytics started from Accenture

My affinity for software and data analytics started from Accenture. As Test Engineer Analyst ,i was responsible for handling testing, high volume data validation in the very first project. It helped me to increase my proficiency in SQL and HIVE. After voluntary training of Accenture Insights platform for Analytics application, I took up different project. My work included data cleaning, exploratory data analysis, data modeling and achieve insights from BI reports and send to other teams. I enjoyed the work because it had lot of problem solving and number juggling, reconciliation of data. To accelerate my career and skills, I sought to even bigger challenges.
My own path has led me to data analysis. I am a co-founder of bootstrap startup xxxx. The core business was e-commerce (B2C). In my first attempt of data analysis in xxxx I was able to identify key market area and focus on them.
Following data-driven analysis we achieved 300% year on year growth. By using funnel analytics (through Google analytics tool) we created up sales on bestselling products. PPC proved a very profitable channel when we identified that running ads during Eastern day time high amount orders were received from USA demographic. We focused on mobile user experience and performance by implementing accelerated mobile pages after observing that 70% of traffic come through mobile.
However, the more I learned, the more I leaned towards a formal education. I started to understand, management decisions can be backed up with solid analytical facts about the data and that i need further academic preparation to become a leader in the industry. At this point, I am 100 percent sure that data analysis is the way to go.