Former President of United State of America

Former President of United State of America, Mr. Barack Obama speech titled “My Education, My Future” was to inspire students to get engaged on the importance of taking responsibility of their education, and to challenge them to set goals and do everything they can to succeed. He wants the students to take responsibility for their education, themselves and take school seriously. His message to the students is that a good education is as important for their own future as for the future of the nation.
In his speech, he talks a lot about responsibility. He stated that teachers, parents and the government have a responsibility to support and help the students to get an education. But it will not make a difference if the students themselves are not taking the responsibility. He encourages the students by saying that every single of the students has something that they are good at. And, no matter what goal they set themselves in life, they must work hard for it, because not everybody succeeds on the first try.
Mr. Barack Obama is also talking about the American dream, which is based on the idea that you can create your own happiness and future. Obama’s intention in this speech has been to convince and motivate students to stay in school and work hard for their future. The intentions have also been to encourage the students to take action, take school seriously and take responsibility for their education.

Education is about knowledge gain. Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better.

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Mr. Barack Obama urged students to consider this year their opportunity to succeed. He was trying to encourage kids to go back to school