In the book

In the book, Dante’s Inferno, the author Dante Aligre writes about Hell. In this depiction of Hell, there are 9 circles of hell and in each one different sinners are placed. Circle 8 is where the fraudulent are put to live out the rest of eternity. In this circle there are 9 subsections of the circle and in each one there are different forms of fraudulent people such as thieves, and false counselors. These subsets are built into the ground in pouches or trenches.
The 7th trench of circle 8 is where the thieves reside. In this trench various mythological creatures are in this area. In this trench a Centaur named Cacus. Cacus was placed here for stealing the cattle of Hercules. He has snakes that run along his back and a dragon that is on his shoulder. Cacus tortures other residents of this trench such as Vanni Fucci. Vanni Fucci is placed in this trench for stealing holy objects from the church. As Dante and Virgil, Dante’s guide through hell, enter this trench they see Vanni Fucci cursing God. As soon as he starts venomous snakes come and constrict around him so that he can not move. The pirate BlackBeard is also in this trench of hell for his life as a thief.
As Dante and Virgil enter the next trench, the place of false counselors, they see countless amount of fires burning and Dante compares these to fireflies hanging over a farmers fields at night. Dante places multiple historical figures here such as Ulysses and Diomedes. Both of these men were greek warriors that were primarily responsible for the Trojan horse and the ransacking of Athena’s temple.