In The Odyssey

In The Odyssey, the main character, Odysseus, leaves his family in order to battle for a friends’ kidnapped wife, the battle of Troy. He spent years attempting to return home, fighting enemies so that he will have the chance to go back home. In O Brother, Where Art Thou?, the three main characters Ulysses, Pete, and Delmar escape from prison. Ulysses told his prison mates that he has hidden a treasure that must be captured. Little did his inmates know, the treasure does not exist. They head back to Ulysses’ hometown, with many adventures along the way.
In both the epic poem, The Odyssey, and the movie, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, the main character is on a journey and gets caught in many issues during the trip. While both the movie, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, and Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey, have different stories, there are many similarities between each story, including the main character’s names, and the idea that they both had a crew on their adventure.
The most notable similarity in both the movie and the text are the names of the main characters. In the movie, Ulysses means Odysseus in Latin. It is shown that they are very alike characters in the way that they are both on a journey, with the same goal of going back home to their families.
As their goal is the same, there is one difference. In The Odyssey, Penelope, Odysseus’ wife, had been hoping for her husband to make it back home. No one except for Penelope believed that Odysseus would make it back home alive. Contrarily, in Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Ulysses’ wife, Penny didn’t want people knowing her husband had been arrested, so instead she told them he died from being hit by a train. Both Odysseus and Ulysses fortunately made it back home to their families.
Ulysses and Odysseus both stumble upon the Sirens. Ulysses did not reject their interactions, which led to disappearance of Pete. In order to steer clear of desire from the Sirens’ beautiful voices, Odysseus and his crew filled their ears with beeswax. As many of the characters’ adventures are similar, they act upon them differently.
In both the movie, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, and the epic poem, The Odyssey, it is shown that Everett resembles Odysseus while taking place in different time periods.