2. What’s Soxorlvllle oH obom? Who is Ann Books?
3. Key Players: ANN BANKS Product marketing director at Saxonvi| |e Sausage Company. From a Fortune 100 packaged goods company, with experience in brand identity and deve| opment work. LAUHA BISHOP A partner tor Ann Banks’ Proiect. LIZ KELLER A top brand consultant, and a professional from a marketing research company working as Ann’s colleague.
4. r c a T . Saxoni/ ille 29 Background I L _ _ 4
5. V A 70 year old, privately held family business, headquartered in Saxonville, Ohio, with 2005 revenues at approximately $ l .5 billion.
6. V Branded Products: Q BRATWURST (70% of Saxonville’s revenuesl @ BREAKFAST SAUSAGE, (20% of Saxonvilles revenuesl ‘@ VlVl0 (5% of Saxonville’s revenuesl
7. Saxonville was ranked sixth out at eight national breakfast sausage brands. it All
8. i OBJECTIVE (1/3) To assess the “Italian Oppurtunity”
9. OBJECTIVE (2/3) Develop a national pFOClUCl under the VlVlO name or as a new brand.
10. OBJECTIVE (3/3) Develop a well-thought-out positioning plan to move from the also-ran position in Italian sausage to national category leader
11. Saxonville does not spend much on the breakfast category Fewer people are serving sausage for breakfast and is served more at special occasions Brats are mainly prepared outdoors. People eat inside more often
12. Saxonvilles ltalian Sausage Business
13. ltalian sausage showed growth across producers in the retail sausage market, grown at an annual rate of: —” 9% in 2004
14. “V| V|O” was a made up “ltalian name” as people wouldn’t buy an ltalian product from a ‘German heritage’ company. Trade in those areas helped to build a relationship with the eastern US.
15. PROJECT SCORE A team with l0 colleagues from the research and development lR;Dl, packaging and graphics, marketing, and sales departments to investigate the Italian Opurtunity
16. 4/0,0 / PQ/ O / ‘P Po “’75 5//7 8,94 No O/ // ISSUES TO TACKLE AVG THE PROMOTION STRATEGY