Frankfurt has the highest per capital budget for arts and culture in the larger German cities

Frankfurt has the highest per capital budget for arts and culture in the larger German cities, yet the cultural institutions felt the need to be more strongly rooted to the city. The initiative was structured to provide new possibilities for creative production and implementation of artistic and cultural projects of temporary use. on of two buildings, one of it owned by the City of Frankfurt and the other a state owned building for three and five years respectively. As they were independently financed they are able to exchange these buildings for a reasonable rent. Their ability to connect works with presentation possibilities and provision for further temporary project opportunities created dynamism in the city and heightened the awareness for creative production in Frankfurt. Hence, it is only successful with the support of policy makers and the promotion of creative production by the City of Frankfurt.
The team at ZwischenZeitZentrale(ZZZ) Bremen has had good experience with the continuation of temporary uses. The project arose as a National urban development Policy pilot project that calls out to temporary use agency in Bremen to test new approaches on building and brownfields that lies dormant in Bremen. ZZZ were lead by four young architects, spatial planners, and geographers. Besides a whole series of temporary projects, the agency financed through public funding, has also initiated long-term uses. Their goal is to help gain more public acceptance for temporary uses as real estate owner are not interested in the direct advantage of temporary uses such as structural upgrading of the property and making it known to the public. It is a collaborative project among various governmental agencies and federal and state level.
The idea behind temporary use for both places could be considered for implication in Berlin. Both are suggesting collaboration of temporary space user with governmental agencies to make promotion of creative alternative use a success. The rationale behind Berlin Senate’s increasing support for temporary uses of vacant urban spaces could be concluded as being able to contribute to social objective through the creation of new public space without much financial funding,more. More dominantly the economic development of the local state.