Phoebe Moser POLSC 121-1533 Professor Mazzone November 30

Phoebe Moser
POLSC 121-1533
Professor Mazzone
November 30, 2018

Inside the EPA
EPA stands for the Environmental Protection Agency. I didn’t know much about it until I found out what impact the agency has on us on a daily basis. It is an Independent Executive Agency which means it is an agency that is outside of the federal executive departments. Top officials are appointed by the President and have to report directly to the President. The EPA has the power to also issue regulations which they implement and enforce.
President Richard Nixon established EPA in 1970. EPA’s mission according, to their official website is, to protect human health and the environment. They ensure among others that we have clean air, clean water, monitor climate change, and that we have access to accurate information about our environment.
A revolving door is when someone such as, a lobbyist works in the public sector who then goes into the private sector and vice versa. This agency suffers from effects of the revolving door. This is evidenced by Andrew Wheeler who is currently the administrator of EPA.
According to NPR, “he spent many years playing numerous roles which were on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, which oversees the EPA, drafting regulations on chemical safety, air and water pollution and climate change”. He also left Congress and worked as a lobbyist for many years for the largest coal companies in the United States. The problem with a revolving door is that the person that comes from the public sector and goes into the private sector comes from the same companies that EPA is supposed to regulate.

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