Fetchr objective is to serve the demands of last-mile delivery services in the Middle East market while enhancing the growth of e-commerce through the improvement of service delivery

Fetchr objective is to serve the demands of last-mile delivery services in the Middle East market while enhancing the growth of e-commerce through the improvement of service delivery. Fetchr represents more than one innovation type, it covers both modular and disruptive innovation because of the technological features provided. Fetchr is a modular innovation as it allows their clients to be in control of the service provided to them in term of access customization and manage their location. Also, Fetchr become on the move innovation service through their application and the smart integration smart maps to choose locations. People transition from filling delivery notes manually and drawing maps, providing location through phone calls, to insert it on online websites and finally choosing the location from a smart map. In addition, it’s a disruptive innovation for both dealers and clients in transport and logistics industry for the disruptive technology used, it has steady growth in delivering performance that satisfies the needs for both low- and high-end clients, hence threatening the existence of established companies. Fetchr invests in the market neglected by traditional industry dealers by effectively addressing the errand needs of the low-end consumers. It disrupted the established traditional forms of logistic processes, which utilized physical addresses in serving high-end consumers by focusing indoor and customized location package-delivery services.
Fetchr focused on exploiting non-attractive markets to satisfy the needs of the low-end consumers with a focus on low pricing policy. This market penetration strategy considers consumer problems as a key success factor in developing a market-fit product. The low-end consumers face a significant challenge in transporting or delivering products from point of sale to their sites. By identifying this challenge, Fetchr developed last-mile delivery services to cater for the needs of these people. As competitors face challenges in expanding their service lines to meet the needs of low-level customers, they provide opportunities and allow Fetchr to deliver valuable services to targeted customers. However, Fetchr has developed a strong brand in the market appealing to all consumers including existing customers for manufacturing companies.
Determining technology in product development controls the specific growth rate by absorbing the product by customers at all economic levels. This element shows the rate of development of new qualities on the company’s products. Fetchr has consistently modified the features of the logistic services by integrating the use of web services and phone apps in transactions. In global market, the current generation has techno-attached demands for service providing. Fetchr’s adoption of online and mobile-based apps facilitates door delivery services, which creates value for this market whose loyalty depends on the service experience.
Low levels of the market provide lower profit margins, making existing companies moving upwards to more profitable ventures. This business concept creates the opportunity to enter low market levels that new competitors can explore. In line with this concept, Fetchr has adopted low gross margins and low target consumers while providing simple and efficient services through innovative platforms such as GPS, web-based services and mobile applications. Therefore, Fetchr is threatening leading UAE courier companies such as Amarex, Continental courier and Parzel Express.