Executive Summary Organizational goals

Executive Summary
Organizational goals, policies, culture in communication with the employees in an organization. This aspect forms a part of successful organization, identity, and how are they identified. Despite this, organizational acts are often discussed as important. What other detractors fail to realize is that, without vision or goals in an organization unlike no successful organization will happen which research suggests the values to the economy. It can be shared it with other organization, can shape the way organization operates for the sake of operating to the future. To give motivation and good wellbeing internally in an organization. Contributions tangible benefits to the economy which it cannot be replicated.
This report aims to build understanding of organizational environment as positioned above, through characterization of organization environment. The purpose of this report is to identify characteristic of the organization climate or culture, to enhance models and tools for a successful organization. It offers seminal perspectives into the economy by providing another dimension to our understanding of organizations.
This research draws attention to the conceptual and theoretical development of a framework to underpin the organizational modelling to achieve a specific target in the organization. This theoretical development was informed by a literature review and specific Head of Departments interviews which allowed the research to develop a central organizational aspect.
This report has traversed process to identify characteristics of organizational culture; attempting varies models; explored tools that may be used to support the organization to be more succeed as well as the economy. A few preliminary steps need to be worked through before choosing an approach for further development in understanding the organizational environment.