Everyone has some strength by which he can win

Everyone has some strength by which he can win.

Have something, just need to find.

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And the time when you get the desire to find what is unique in you that nobody has, in this world then you got to find the answer.

Your success, passion, strength is inside you. It is not outside.

You just need to find it out.

There is no such power available outside after your willpower.

If you decide that I have to do this.

After pain, after problem, I will.

You know that if I can do this then I can do this as well.

Then you will get to know that I can do everything.

Nothing will then be impossible for you.

And you will become a winner.

If you have the spirit to fight then you can win.

You can get everything.

You will get all that you have never ever imagined.

But for this, you have to fight.

Fight from yourself, and from society.

And you need to be a player, a perfect player.

That if you are there in the field then your opponent feels fear to face you.

There are two aspects that are on the first side what you want to do and on the other side what society wants you to do.

You just need to tell yourself that if I decide one thing then I can to do it.

By Hook or by Crook I will

You have to make yourself determined and dedicated towards your goals.

Even after failure, after problems. I have the courage to do it. No one can defeat me.

So if after facing that worse situation if I stand up then what will I be?

What I am doing now, I will just do it even if I lose all that I have.

If this world tells me that my fortune is not with me.

There are problems in the line of hands.

So why am I not ready to challenge my fortune, and change the lines of my hand?

That day is not so far when you have everything, everything you want, but after having everything you do not have fear to lose all that you have.

If there come one or thousands of difficulties in your track for you it does not matter.

If one person or thousands of people tell you that you cannot do this.

You will laugh.

Laugh at them.

And inside you say yourself that I CAN.

Now for them, it is not possible to stop you because you become unstoppable.

There is one way by which you can find success.

If you have the spirit to fight, you will win.

Stand up you lazy people go ahead, move.

All this game will be change within one day

My motive is to find leaders and to make everyone a leader

It is ok that you have thousands of reasons by which you have to give up on your dreams.

But Boss why you don’t find one single reason by which you can accomplish your desires.

If you have to choose desire then choose it but it must be big.

If you have to choose it then choose bigger one desire.

And you know that you will get it.

We only see those things that you do not have and cry at your fortune.

But the time you start looking at what you have and starting appreciating your fortune then you can even build it.

KARMA that makes you strong from inside is good.

And KARMA that makes you weak from inside is not good.

That means do what you have decided whether good or bad do it.

I am repeating it do it whether it is good or bad and find an actual good way of doing it.

If you cannot make commitments to yourself then how can you give commitments to others?

For moving forward you first need to put yourself up into your own sight.

The man who lifts himself up in his sight can automatically be lifted in other person sights

What if I want to do something? I want to do it after pains and problems.

I am ready to face the problem, feel pain.

Bigger will be the desire bigger will be the success.

You will not get “OUT” in this match until you will leave this playground.

You need to recall it to yourself that I have to do it; I have to do it till my last breath.

If you decide that I have to do it then no one can stop you doing it.

You need to recall it to yourself that I have to do it.

I HAVE TO DO IT till my last breath

If you decide that I have to do it then no one can stop you doing it.