Discoveries can indeed be confronting and proactive

Discoveries can indeed be confronting and proactive, this is Cleary portrayed in Michael Gow’s “Away” Tom performs the role of the protagonist, both playing the part of the mischievous puck, but also in propelling the action by the direct impact he has on other characters. We also learn that Tom has terminal leukaemia and it seems he has stoically reconciled himself to his impending death. His mother’s proud declaration after the opening performance “You can act…maybe that is what you will end up doing” Highlights how he has strong dramatic presences in the play, despite his youth and in experience, Tom also assumes a crucial nurturing advocacy role. The dialogue Harry says “Planning the holidays was as important to your mother as actually going away”. Tom says ‘I want to go” The dynamic between father and son here, with Tom having to labour the point that he too is looking forward to the trip, reveals a mutual caring and respect as well as an underlying anxiety. Therefore, Discoveries can be confronting and proactive.