Codification in linguistic means the style or the way that the language is standardized

Codification in linguistic means the style or the way that the language is standardized, codification is a process that never stops. However, we have many English dictionaries that were published in the eighteenth century, that is why English codification in that time took a high place.
Dictionaries is book that have many words with their different forms, and the explanation of their meaning , their pronunciation , and their function.
For example, we have Samual Jhonson’s dictionary, which is one of the most important dictionaries.
In that period there was many relationships between wales and England, and English grammar and dictionaries were published in that period to teach English to the welsh.
By the beginning of the nineteenth century most of the vast majority of the wales population stopped talking welsh as a mother tongue. English had a great influence on the educational policy of the wales , and schools were taught in English in many areas.

However, we have a lot of dictionaries that were published, but the first dictionary was written by Robert Cawdrey in 1604, but his dictionary was not a trust worthy resource.
The first reliable dictionary was written by Samual Jhonson and it was published in 1755, it was a very successful dictionary, it contains 43,000 words, his dictionary became the “Oxford English dictionary”.
They started to use English in the newspaper, radio, and television, and even in schools, for that reason English became an understood language and acceptable for the majority.

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With time the use of the written language has increased, which made a needed for the materials that will help the people who wants to know more about the language. Like the native speakers who did not know about the new parts of the language, and secondly, the non-native speakers.
The dictionaries were a group of borrowing words from Latin, French, Greek, and the colonized areas, that is why these words were called “hard words”.
In the eighteenth century the scholars were commissioned to start publishing dictionaries, because it became a very widely used.