Bruno’s Character At first

Bruno’s Character

At first, things are pretty good in Bruno’s life. He lives in Berlin in a five-story house, complete with a maid, cook, and butler. He has three best friends, two parents, and a somewhat annoying sister. Things for him are mostly going pretty great. He loves getting what he wants and likes to have all the stuff around him that he likes. So he doesn’t like change at all. He is a very curious child but he has nobody to play with other than Gretel, but he does think that Gretel is a useless case because she has been mean to him for most of his life. If somebody only read this part of the book he would seem a very lonely child but in reality he has quite a lot of friends in belgium. And as he is at a young age he is still a very curious child that wants to explore the house and learn new things.
Most parents would think that this is a good thing but Bruno’s parents don’t really like the thought of not knowing where you’re child is at all times. And his mother always tries to brush off the questions that he asks with not very detailed answer at all. Here’s the thing: Bruno kind of is in “the loneliest place in the world,” what with living next to Auschwitz and all. But he’s young, so instead of comprehending his surroundings, he’s more tuned into how they make him feel—and while these feelings mirror and stem from where he’s living, he lacks the maturity to piece this all together. Instead, everything just feels “empty and cold.After they move, Bruno tries to entertain himself, but it’s slim pickings out there at Auschwitz).
He isn’t friendly with his sister, so she’s out, and there aren’t any other kids nearby—unless you count the hundreds trapped on the other side of the fence. At first, Bruno doesn’t know what to think of these kids. They’re all skinny and dirty and wear the same striped pajamas. they’re nothing like the children Bruno used to play with back in Berlin.

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