In this essay I will be discussing why I think ideology should be studied in politics

In this essay I will be discussing why I think ideology should be studied in politics, I will be defining the importance of ideology, its values and I will be describing how it adds benefit to the state’s affairs. I think that as ideology is a system of beliefs or core morals, it can shape how legislators considers policies for implementation. So when an ideology is applied in the use of government legislations it can affect not only those who already conform to the ideology but those in society who do not. Furthermore as the world of policies are changing frequently, to have some knowledge of the concepts behind any political ideology can enable someone who is learning about political issues to gain some sustainable economic understanding.
It can be considered important for some theorist to have a concept of how policies are governed, how that authority is legislated, and where the influences may have come from. I think the study and understanding of ideology within politics are necessary, as without it society might not know enough of the vital elements of the world as we know it. Just as it is necessary to have a knowledge of political theories, for instance the Liberal theory, the Liberal ideas and values have been renown and important across mainstream political parties for many years. (Kavanagh, 2006). Their philosophy is to commit to the individual and to construct a society in which people can satisfy their interest and achieve their fulfilment and exercise their freedom. (Heywood, 2017).
A political ideology is a set of connected beliefs about political theories and policies held by social groups and often by a particular social class. Various social, economic and political systems in history have been sustained by certain dominant ideologies; it could be argued that in another sense, their ideology is also interpreted as fictitious awareness as opposed to the real comprehension of the world. For the reasons stated above I think ideology