Annotated Bibliography Meyer

Annotated Bibliography
Meyer, E (2014, September 25). Power Distance: You can’t Lead Across Cultures Without
Understanding It. Retrieved from
The Author of this article found that most of the Asian hierarchies, must not only think about lower level position, but also consider the higher position responsibility to supervise the lower position. The Author gather information through interview and research to identify the differences of work cultures in Asian countries compared to other country. One of the main reason for high-power-distance is influence of Confucius, a system that the lower position will follow the higher position and those who are higher will guide and care the lower position. An Interviewed to Australian, Steve Henning who lived in china for many years, says that “In China, “the boss is always right”, even the boss is already wrong”. This shows that in hierarchical culture country, there is an arranged order of rank, giving a direct order from top to bottom level to have a key responsibility in each employee. This study also supports the idea of Geert Hofstede, that less powerful members of organization is unequally distributed of power. However, in modern business, it is not enough to have whether it is high-power-distance or lower-power-distance you must be flexible in-order to adjust the work culture.
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