Advantage in technology have improved human life in enormous way

Advantage in technology have improved human life in enormous way, not forgetting virtual communication . This is the kind of communication where people all over the world interact or send messages without meeting physically . (Papa, 2017). Such technology has been around for quite few years throughout the years social experiment has developed into a productive technology that benefits the business organizations (Frost, 2018) Today a variety of applications and services enabling virtual communication like instant messaging, voice calls, video call, video conferencing and even social media. This type of communication is a tool that enabling companies to gain more profit. Many business organization used this type of medium because of its efficiency, companies tend to use email for exchanging information. Business organization are embracing any latest technology as long as it boosts their communication system. More recently business and organization have begun experimenting with how to harness the capabilities of virtual communication to chance operations and services of business (Williams and Cothrel, 2000).
Virtual communication indeed help the business organization in the Philippines to improve, however we all know that every good thing has its own bad side, virtual communication has also disadvantages to business organization it eliminates face to face communication that can cause miscommunication. Connectivity is also one of the reason, we all know video call relies on software, machine and internet which can malfunction at anytime that can affect the ongoing and scheduled virtual communication endeavors. The purpose of this study is to educate people about virtual communication, how this communication work inside the business organization and how this type of communication affect the way how the organization work as a whole. The researchers also tend to know the advantages and disadvantages of having virtual communication as the primary used medium in the business world and how this affects the business organization in terms of communication to it’s employees and customers