The purpose of this report is to investigate the Effectiveness of the transportation in the area and to find out the solutions to solve the complaints received from the residence of Qauia.

Data was collected from :
3a. 10 survey questionnaires – carried out through door to door interview
3b. Social media – the same survey was posted on a forum group set up for this matter whereby the residents of Qauia have been observing the effectiveness of transportation in the area
This is carried out from 100 residence and it’s a simple yes and no questionnaires survey
According to the survey the transport system in the area is not effective
Sample questionnaires
Yes No Total Remarks
01 Is Shore Bus Transport the only company providing service in Qauia? 100% 100 Shore bus is the only company
02 The bus service runs every day? 90% 10% 100 On some public holidays no
03 The bus service always on time? 65% 35% 100 Not every day,most of the time late
04 Bus conditions 90% 10% 100 Some of their bus needs replacement
05 Any taxi base? 100% 100 1 taxi base
06 Do you think another bus company should provide service in the area? 100% 100 Yes as they are slack for most of the time especially during peak hours
07 Are they well organized and consistent with their pickup routine / timetable? 40% 60% 100 Clash happens most of the time with drivers
08 Is bus he only means of transport in the area? 90% 10% 100 09 Is it very hard to get transport in the area? 80% 20% 100 Not everyone can afford to pay taxi as all rely on bus as it is cheap
10 Is the Shore Bus service in the area very effective? 40% 60% 100 Not very effective as demanded by the residents of Qauia

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