1. Introduction.

AHF is stand for Aviation Human Factors is the courses of study about understanding human conduct and execution. At the point when connected to flight tasks, Human Factors information is utilized to upgrade the fit among individuals and the frameworks in which they work with a specific end goal to enhance well being and execution. A man has a limit on doing something.
This is evidenced by the percentage in the study. 70% is caused by humans example Pilot, maintenance, air traffic controller and Airline Management.
At that point 30% is because of ecological variables and cases of broken hardware or gadgets, poor support, plan defective, climate condition, medicinal status and air terminal task.
The first factor is the sample decision made by the manufacturer. Unless you plan and build your own aircraft, it’s far from your control.

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However, other factors are examples of things you can control to a certain extent. This is all about the weak Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM), these intended to help you understand the psychological factors that affect ADM, and what you can do to improve your results.

2. Altitude and Hypoxia.

2.1 Altitude.

There are many type of altitude such as true altitude, indicated altitude, pressure altitude, absolute altitude and density altitude.
True altitude is your stature above “mean ocean level”, a generally discretionary reference point. By “signify” we signify “normal”, since ocean levels do differ with the tides, and the breeze causes waves, so mean ocean level midpoints out every one of these impacts to a solitary “signify” ocean level. You’re fundamentally intrigued by this since territory and snags are outlined with reference to MSL heights, and you need to ensure you’re well over these when flying over them. In the event that we were on the ground, we’d call this “height”. Lamentably, nothing in your plane is probably going to quantify this, an extremely precise GPS would come the nearest, so we rather depend on something that is a truly decent estimation.