1. Compare and contrast how Antigone and “The Game” develop the protagonist and antagonist using dialogue and staging. Use specific textual evidence from both plays to support your answer.
Answer: In Antigone, the protagonist was developed through her statement concerning the loss of her brother Antigone is the protagonist she talked to her sister about burying their brother who was dishonored by Creon. This is the way of the way of the author to develop the character and introduce them to the audience
2. Compare the themes. What do Antigone and “The Game” suggest about fate and chance? Are our futures determined by fate, by chance, or a combination of both? Explain.
Our futures are determined by both fate and chance. First, we were not given a choice on which families we are born with but we are given the chance to lead our lives according to the resources given to us. Afterward all throughout the rest of our life, we constantly make decisions and make choices either by chance or by carefully investigating the situation.