Which do you think is better

Which do you think is better, reading a book or watching some tv?. Any young child would choose watching tv over reading without a second thought and so would most teens and even some adults.what is it that makes people think watching tv so much more appealing than reading a book?,and what is so interesting about a book that makes some people prefer reading books more than watching tv.it seems that choosing to either read s book or watch tv is a difficult choice to make,and there are several reasons for each side.
First of all, despite popular belief, there are many advantages of watching television.The television has a great educational value. It can be used as a tool for learning at home and in class as it provides information on a wide range of subjects. All you need to do is choose the right channel. watching tv also helps to keep people updated with it’s wide range of news channels, advertisements and documentaries providing tons of information.