To begin with

To begin with, Jack is best concerned with the personality suggested by id. He represents the dark side of human nature, and he displays the id mentality through his violent actions. He had tried to maintain civilized before he started hunting, but such resistance fades soon as he begins to be driven by his desires that the id becomes dominant in his personality. As a result of following his desires, every time the first thing that comes to his mind is always to kill or hunt others. This is well-illustrated by the occasion where Jack and his boys tries to kill a wild boar, they begin dancing and saying, “kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in” (Golding 79). This chant indicates the unit desires among them and it also symbolises the beginning of their savagery. They are now driven by the innate desire for destruction. Furthermore, according to the ‘pleasure principle’, id seeks to avoid pain and unpleasantness in order to satisfy one’s biological and psychological needs. Jack does exactly what the id seeks so to a mother sow, but more for fun and pleasure that “Jack is on top of the sow, stabbing downward with his knife…the spear moves forward inch by inch and the terrified squealing becomes a high-pitched scream. Then Jack finds the throat and the hot blood spouts over his hands” (Golding 149). The bloody imagery and action indicate that Jack does things with no thoughts of any consequences, but only his own impulsive desires, which is what the id aims to do, taking over the thought in one’s mind without determining the needs of others rather than reality and morality.