The poem is written in a free verse form so there is no form or meter

The poem is written in a free verse form so there is no form or meter. At the start of the poem the poet questioning the elusive nature of love. She proclaims that no one has it and then imitates on a memory of her parents, who are pictured as being deeply in love. She the cuts back to her own unexciting relationship and says that “your name is a just a hand I can never hold. As she is not predestined to have the same romance as her parents.
In addition she then relates the ‘loss’ she had suffered from missing out on the same experience as her parents had. She also questions whether the unknown partner “ever loved” her and realizes hey do not.
There are literary elements that are used or found in the poem and they are as follows, the poet uses the metaphor and similes to compare the lovers with two trees, growing from the same root and working towards the same goal. The poet lets it be understood that for her inability to find love is ironic bearing in mind the fact that she had a perfect example in her parents.
Finally the symbols that are discovered in the poem are trees, the poet compares two lovers with the trees growing from the same roots but then drifting apart as they grow more and more. The tree is the central symbol because it represents life. Another symbol is light as it is for a common goal in life, something every human strive to achieve or it could be used to represent happiness or the idea of love. The last symbol is the father’s arms, because the arms are connected with the father figure they represent protection. The poet is saying that the father in her life was a protection to her and her mother.
In conclusion an important subject found in the poem is the idea that the poet is affected by her past in such a way that she agrees that she is slowly becoming the example of every bad memory and experience from her past.