The market is large as there are many types of events including weddings

The market is large as there are many types of events including weddings, bar mitzvahs parties and corporate events like christmas parties, celebrations and exhibitions.

Photography is an essential part of any important milestone, like births, weddings, engagements and birthdays, especially the big ones 18, 21, 30, 50, 60 , 70. People will always think about photos for these events. As the photographic technology changes, including not drones which can provide aerial photography / video of an event, now we can provide gifs from the photobooth to our customers on social media. we will watch the developments in photography and video, including AI like what is used on snapchat to see what cool new features we can offer with our photobooth.

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new digital technology is invented all the time, and recently the ability to print from instagram with speical apps to printers at events has become available. by watching the technology and being fast to use them in my business, i can offer the newest and coolest services.

We are also conscious about our impact on the environment with how we serve coffee. as the world becomes more aware of waste and being responsibile for the environment, the market are aware of plastic and reusable cutlery and cups. our coffee cart will serve coffee from reusable mugs / cups and if it is a large event we will use compostible cutlery and plates to reduce our impact on the environment.