Abstract- This paper proposes a secure child monitoring system that can be accessed online through the website with authorized parties

Abstract- This paper proposes a secure child monitoring system that can be accessed online through the website with authorized parties. It uses Raspberry Pi microcomputer and a Pi camera in order to capture real time video so as to develop a web based system where Python and PHP software are used. This system provides security and safety in monitoring their children remotely. A Bluetooth based iBeacon technology with Android app is developed to detect the current floor position of the children in the daycare. iBeacon technology is based on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Received Signal Strength (RSS) . Smartphone Application for interacting with the beacons is developed for Android device. It allows the user to determine the distance between the child and individual beacon.

Key words- Raspberry Pi, Website, Pi Camera, Raspbian OS, PHP, iBeacon, Android App.

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The system is designed for assisting parents in monitoring their children who work away from the childcare, nowadays most of the parents are working and they cannot be with their child all the time, hence majority of parents kept their children in daycare. Daycare or childcare is a place with more population of children. In order to ensure the security of child in childcare security cameras were installed in childcare. Parents need to monitor their children because children nowadays are having many threats. In this proposed system we are building a child monitoring system that can be accessed online through website with authentication feature and using Bluetooth iBeacon technology with android app is used to track the current floor position of children in daycare.

This paper deals with the design and development of a web-based child monitoring system with real time features. iBeacon works on received signal strength based localization method. Smart phone application allows the user to calculate the distance from any individual beacon.
The purpose of this work is to build a real time child monitoring system based on raspberry pi microcomputer and iBeacon technology using Android App, the system can be accessed online through the website by authorized parties using login id and password. The system is build to assist parents in taking care of their child remotely and reduce child abuse in wide extent. iBeacons are low powered, low cost radio transmitters that notifies nearby devices of their presence and can be used by android OS.

Okky Permatasari, Siti Ummi Masruroh and Arini MT introduced a prototype of child monitoring system using motion and authentication with Raspberry Pi 1. This project uses Raspberry Pi with web camera in order to monitor the children with real time video. A web camera is connected to the raspberry pi to capture video and images. This monitoring system helps parents in monitoring their child remotely and provide security and safety against child abuse. The major advantage of this project includes real time monitoring and online access of the video. In conclusion this system is a very useful tool for child monitoring and this will protect child and avoid unnecessary worries about child.
M.Naveenkrishna, Dr. S.Jayanthy 2 introduced Beagle Bone Black webcam server for security 2. This project is based on ARM-Cortex-A8 processor and Linux operating system, It consist of Beagle bone black ( low cost expandable computer launched by Texas instrument ) with Linux operating system(Angstrom) interfaced with webcam. serves the files that form Web pages to Web users. A web server can be deployed in to a device which can be accessed remotely from a web server; this embedded system can serve the web documents on request by a client from other system. The client can access the web server by proper authentication. This displays the webpage forms like home, video, upload, setting and about. The server consists of a power supply board, Beagle Bone Black, webcam and HDMI monitor. In this project the video streaming media using Beagle Bone Black computer is implemented and video is saved in the server and the client can access or download the video using client with proper authentication and id, and this system provides a way to upload videos by client.

An admin of a childcare has the authorization to maintain the childcare by keep track the list of all children, status etc.., and their history to give a pleasant environment. In this proposed system the childcare admin facilitate a way to monitor child remotely by online through real time video surveillance, this system can be accessed online through the website with authentication feature.

Fig. 1. Block diagram of raspberry pi

The system architecture consist of following blocks, the first part of this project is raspberry pi and camera which is the heart of the project. Any version of raspberry pi will work excepting Pi3 model with provision of Wi-Fi. The Pi camera, a small circuit board is connecting to Raspberry Pi bus connector. The second part contains an iBeacon device with android app to detect the current floor position of the children in the childcare. The Beacon device works on received signal strength based localization method and with Smartphone application by which the user can determine the exact distance from individual beacon.

? Raspberry pi 3 model B
? Pi camera
? 5v 2A power source
? LAN cable
? iBeacon technology
? Smartphone application
Each of the blocks will be explained detail in the following section.


The Raspberry Pi3 model B is the latest version of Raspberry Pi with advanced features including Broadcom BCM 2837b 64bit Quad Core CPU at 1.2 Ghz,1GB RAM and onboard Bluetooth 4.1 Wi-Fi, full size HDMI video output. Any version of Raspberry pi will work with exemption of pi 3 models which has the provisions for Wi-Fi.

Fig. 2. Block diagram of Raspberry pi
The pi camera consisting of a small circuit board which links the Raspberry Pi’s camera serial bus interface (CSI) connector through flexible ribbon cable. The camera has a native resolution of 5 mega pixel and has fixed focus lens and here the software for camera supports full resolution. The camera supports video resolution of 1080p 30, 720p 60 and 640*480p 60/90.
? The camera module consists of a small camera board and cable.
? Connect ribbon cable to the CSI connector on the Raspberry pi board

Fig. 3. Pi camera
iBeacon technology is based on the Bluetooth low energy and it works by received signal strength based localization method to determine the current floor position of the user. IBeacons are used by apps to trigger events and allows users to interact with digital or physical things.

Fig. 4. iBeacon device

The standard beacon consists of an UUID, a Major and a Minor value,
? UUID: unique ID to distinguish the iBeacon from one another.
? Major id: used to specify a specific iBeacon in a group.
? Minor id: used to group related sets of iBeacon