Taking care of each other is the attitude of knowing and being sensitive to what is happening and responding to the things that are happening around us

Taking care of each other is the attitude of knowing and being sensitive to what is happening and responding to the things that are happening around us. Caring is a very important element in life because it teaches us to live in society. Unfortunately what is happening in today’s society is that we are too scared or absolutely irresponsible to the problems and issues that are happening around us. The incidents of child abuse and kidnapping, crime, drug and rape cases that arise duly raise awareness of the environment. The phrase ‘do not keep the edges of the people’ is considered a waiver of things that happen outside of our business environment. Parents first interpret the proverb as not to ‘bustle’ other people’s stuff or to interfere with other people’s goals for bad purpose. It does not mean not knowingly about what’s happening around us, but it does not interfere with so much so that there will not be any unpleasant things later on. Feeling caring must be based on sincere so that our attitude of discernment is the soul’s emissary to help and assist where necessary. Neighborhood institutions are established to safeguard the security and well-being of residential areas but these facilities are not used properly.
Moreover, we have not seen or heard the good values of cooperating in our society. A clear example is when the National Anthem, Negaraku in the air, how many of us have stopped and stood voluntarily in honor of the song? How many of us still know the Rukun Negara and live it? Many people are asking what has happened in the last decade or so to good sense and courtesy? Why is it that some parents and teachers are not reinforcing good behaviour patterns in their children that make life pleasant for all? Therefore, it is difficult to form a society that truly has the spirit of peace and love. Moral values reflect an individual’s character and spirituality, (Bigger, 2013). The condition of a community that cares about matter or prioritizes individualistic aspects has brought about the loss of this cooperative attitude. We have the assumption that we are able to live alone in this modern millennium with the creation of various sophisticated technology designs. In fact, we all forget that the foundation of success in modern-day life is still a priority of cooperation. If this practice has not been educated since childhood, Malaysians will lose their language. For example, adolescents today are less likely to adopt a gift to parents. The honesty aspect that is often emphasized in noble values also disappears because of the attitude of our own society. The increasingly widespread practice of corruption has become evident that values of honesty do not exist in the personality of our people now. All things are done because of having a specific agenda or bringing personal gain to someone. The aspect of politeness in conversation while the society is changing. We are no longer using polite language when talking to others. Many of us forget to use the correct or appropriate position when talking to others. This situation caused various problems that caused dislike of each other due to the use of language that was abusive and offended by the person.