Strategic Marketing is therefore defined as an integrated organisational process

Strategic Marketing is therefore defined as an integrated organisational process. Therefore in summary the underlying assumption marketing known as the marketing concept can be traced back to the theories developed by early economists in the 17th as well as 18th centuries (Reed, Peter, 2014, p. 5). The underlying theory of marketing first evolved at least two centuries ago and the field of marketing began to develop as an academic discipline almost a century ago, it can be contended that relatively sophisticated marketing practices have been employed by at least some organisations since the time of industrial revolution. (Reed, Peter, 2014, p. 6). In other words strategic marketing is an organisational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit an organisation as well as its stakeholders.
(Chernev, Alexander, Kotler, Philip, 2017, p. 43) When it comes to issues or challenges there are considered to be many that might be faced by an organisation such as:
1) Market Segmentation and repositioning,
2) Product Adjustment,
3) Price Structure of a specific product being revised,
4) The organisation’s relationship with the third party websites such as, expedia etc as well as the relationship with partners as well as suppliers, and, (Chernev, Alexander, Kotler, Philip, 2017, p. 65)
Crowne Plaza Canberra appears to have a strategic marketing approach to their business at the moment as they are seen mapping the customer journey touch points by valuing customers by introducing a comprehensive loyalty program. The loyalty program is created by the Line Manager’s and communicated across the hotel to ensure that returning guests are rewarded for their loyalty to the hotel. The guests reward will be dependent on how many times they have stayed. For example returning guests will be rewarded by complimentary amenities or benefits on arrival such as room upgrade, bottle of wine etc.
Crowne Plaza’s marketing is effective as well as strategic with the launch of a marketing programme which is based on the following steps:
a) Build Awareness – By participating in community events and causes, and
b) Developing Customer Base – By always offering great customer service Crowne Plaza Canberra develops a loyal customer base.

Crowne Plaza Canberra’s strategic marketing management is helping them create value by offering free Wi-Fi, pool, spa, sauna, Foreign Currency Exchange, Breakfast, Business Centre and also leveraging technology through the IHG mobile application, which saves time for check in/check out but also supports the environment through less use of paper. Business guests are often tight for time and don’t wish to spend much time on check in/check out.

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