So is it reasonable to pay college athletes who are already receiving a free college education

So is it reasonable to pay college athletes who are already receiving a free college education, getting to travel the country for sports and oftentimes have their transportation, housing, health care, and food/nutrition provided? There is nothing that bothers me more than people who benefit from a generous society and feel they deserve more that given. When so many things provided for these athletes and the future life ahead is going to be nice and debt free if sports don’t work, why should they expect money?

With college tuition prices skyrocketing in the last 30 years, where do college students find the money to attend the university of their dreams? Well, they go to the bank in most cases and get a student loan. After the student gets approved for one of these loans, he or she is in debt for the next 20 years. Currency, seventy percent or,almost 1 in every 4 adults has a student debt they are still paying off. This cold take a toll on your future, the average student debt payment per month in 2016 was 393 dollars. (Hess 2018). For some of these college athletes who are playing sports on a scholarship, the student debt that attending college leaves on you will never be an issue. As these athletes play their respective sports, they are also attending college classes and getting a diploma to help make their future bright and having an immediate impact if sports don’t take them to the pro leagues. as compared to living in debt for 20 years. With a future that has been paved for you and no debt in the future, what more should we give college athletes?

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