Self-Analysis Paper I

Self-Analysis Paper
I. Self-Concept is a major factor to how we manage personal daily tasks that we never consider or give thought. The factor that has shaped my self-concept is friends because of so many I’ve lost and gained from moving to different schools. Because of having a diverse and long lists of friends I consider myself a people’s person being able to communicate with anyone without fear. A term of self-concept I’ve learned that is helpful when I make new friendships is self-monitoring. According to class discussions, self-monitoring is when we change or behaver to best fit the situation that we are currently in.
II. Perception is can be defined in many ways, for example, how you personally view and make sense of events. A real life example of perception is when a friend and I recently watched a scary movie and in his point of view it was terrifying as to mine it was more of a comedy. While according to class discussion, perception check is when you try to understand someone else’s perception to the same event. As I viewed the movie as a disaster for a horror film I was using perception check to understand how my friend was so scared.
III. According to class discussion, critical listening is when we focus on what a person is saying to understand what their saying. An example to when I use critical listening is when my boss is giving me instructions on what I have to finish before going home. while I am using critical listening to remember every detail I will also usually write down important parts to remember and evaluate everything he says.
IV. Language is an important part of communication with someone else as it can mean a great deal of things. According to class discussion, slang is a word created over time to have informal meaning and used more common in speech. I rarely use slang when I have a conversation but it can feel natural at times like when I am in the car listening to my favorite artist and someone will always ask if I’m in my feelings. I’ve learned that language is a huge part of communication in speech but shouldn’t be used in formal essays.
V. According to class discussion, personal space is the invisible space from another person that changes with different situations. Personal space to is very important but in my culture to greet and to say goodbyes we have to usually give one another a kiss on the cheek and sill have not gotten comfortable so I usually try to avoid certain people when I greet them.