Safe Healthy Learning Environment Safe

Safe Healthy Learning Environment
Safe: All children have right to be safe.where I work as a teacher, I will commit to my school and class to keep safe and I will teach my children to have right to be safe.I will ensure that children explore the concept of safe unsafe and emergencies and they develop an understanding of the warning signs. I will teach children about the relationship and what is fair and unfair.I will create an environment that children can develop an understanding of trust and who can help them when they feel unsafe. I will also discuss with children about good touch and a bad touch of body parts.
Healthy: I will commit myself, to my school and class to keep healthy.and I will teach children about being healthy. Stays fit do exercise everyday run, walk, stretch, play and I will make good choices for my class to be happy and healthy. I will practice good hygienic by keeping the classroom clean and germ-free and I will teach proper practice for washing hands with soap sequence. I will teach a class about healthy nutrition like dairy, grain, protein, vegetable, and fruits and I will make them understand about safety when they play sport and obey safety rules.
Learning Environment: I will commit myself, to the school and families to keep positive learning environment. I will set up the classroom with various centers such as art, math, writing, library, computer, building and of course science. Learning environment, positive and productive learning environment is key to students academic, emotional and social success in school. I will provide activities and materials that children find engaging.By making easier to learn and supplying a developmentally appropriate environment interesting materials and sufficient time to explore, play, and interact and I will create an environment that children, find learning fun and easy.nurturing children with surrounding all features of development social, physical, cognitive and emotional. I will support the appropriate growth of development.