Reminder ii Dear All

Reminder ii
Dear All,
Please follow below refer German Mirror lab safety rules.
? Ensure eye protection & hand protection must be worn for laboratory and sampling work.
? Ensure lab assigned technician must wear protective gloves for sampling. Nitrile examination gloves is acceptable.
? Ensure lab assigned technician must be in shoes.
? Discard gloves at end of the task.
? Wear lab coat all the time when working inside the German mirror laboratories.
? Lab coats only worn in the laboratory and are removed before entering GM offices, lunchroom and other non-laboratory general use areas.
? Wash your hand & face with soap before taking meals.
? Do not allow any body to enter the lab without permission & he / she must be in safety goggles, mask & helmet & it’s available in company reception ; lab exit ; entry point.
? Eating and drinking is strictly prohibited inside the laboratory ; lab office.
? All the chemical cabinet, bottle must be well levelled ; correct description given with UN goods classification.
? Segregate hazardous ; non-hazardous waste in separate waste bin ; need to be remove on routing basis.
Strict action will be taken if anybody found violating the Lab safety rules during our inspection.