Religion was a big thing back in the eighteenth century

Religion was a big thing back in the eighteenth century. It had also changed tremendously as time passed. Whenever the nation transformed, so did religion. The Enlightenment and The Great Awakening were an enormous part of that transformation back in the 1700s.
The Age of reason, also known as The Enlightenment, was a movement that went against old traditions and foregrounded reason. This cultural movement encouraged people to think for themselves instead of following what they were told they had to follow or believe in. This movement had people questioning many things about life, the bible and natural world. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin both played a big role during the time of the age of reason.
Both seeking to understand nature and to find ways to improve their society. These two men were a big reason many colonists shifted their focus from what they were told to believe, to the present. Many then became opened minded and believed that God only created this place but didn’t play part in their now. They were able to see that there was more out there than just what they grew up believing in. They now had a logical/scientific view of the world and pretty much downplayed religion.
After that, came the Great Awakening, this great awakening had made a huge impact on Christianity at the time. It brought back, in other words “revived” religion in America when it was slowly being disregarded by many. George Whitefield played a large role and an important role at that. He traveled and spread the word of god with people all over in hopes of bringing religion back into people’s lives.
Not everyone agreed with what he was doing but that didn’t stop him. This later caused long term effects towards The Great Awakening.
In Conclusion, The Age of Reason, The Enlightenment and the people involved in these major events, truly made an enormous impact in terms of religion in the eighteenth century. They all played a huge part in the formation of the United States.