Name : Sipamandla
Surname : Maxiniva
Group number : 13T
Assignment number : 5
Student number : 56613652

Table of contents
•Learners from low~Income
•Learners from different ethnic/ cultural background
•Learners with linguistic challenged background
•Learners with high ability/ hyperactive learners
•Learners with diverse talents
•Learners with disabilities and abilities
•Reference list

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How do you prov ide equal educational opportunities for learners from div erse backgrounds in your classroom?
•Focus on learning styles…..use of v ariety of presentation methods.
•Styles are based on indiv idual differences
-Leads to a focus on v ariety of presentation methods.
-Little attention giv en to Difficulty issues
•Content selection
•Content understanding
-Mindless eclecticism in structural styles emphasizes packaging and deliv ery of content
Bibliography: http:www.ydae.purdue.eduilet.learning.strategies.for-div erse-learners

Low income –background students
Relationships are important
•As a teacher it is my job to create a consistent classroom. Make sure that students
know that when they come to school,everything is the same. They don’t have to
worry about things being out of order,and they come to rely on that consistency.
Also creation of mutual respect with my students –small things like smiling at
students,greeting them at the door and using courtesies-go a long way.
Building vocabulary
•Provision of knowledge about experiences like maybe going to the mall, because
students living in poverty have had fewer of those opportunities to experience
culture in general. And always know that all of these strategies that work for your
under-resourced learners work for everyone.

Different ethnic/cultural background
I would suggest the use of story dialog method,to give the learners the picture
of what you are teaching. Making sure that you use simple names from different
cultures,don’t stick to names that suit you as a teacher but find what other
cultures call things. Trying also to involve all the groups into the conversation by
maybe asking what or rather how they do things in their cultures.
Bibliography : effective teaching in diverse classroom/

Linguistic challenged backgrounds
I would suggest the use of visual clues. Also teachers should promote the
success of students for the language of learning and teaching in mastering
academic content. In addition to adding to their own knowledge about
language acquistion and proficiency. Teachers should use effective
supports and strategies to strengthen learners learning outcomes. All class
rooms should be equipped with sentences in the Languages of the diverse
learners. A rich print classroom environment with evidence of all the
languages could possible provide equal educational opportunities for
learners from diverse background.
Bibliography: Linguistically challenged backgroundsclassroom

High ability learners
•Have a trivia question up about your current curriculum.
Encourage all students to answer the question and research the
information. Since 99.3% of high ability students reason well,use
thought provoking questions during instruction as well as
encourage them from students. Use of curriculum compacting
when instructing high ability learners.
Bibliography: youtube

Learners with diverse talents
•Educators have to give equal attention to academic and non-
academic abilities. To better develop the talents of all
students,teachers are being prepared to recognise diversity In
giftedness. To ensure that students receive early enrichment in
school if their famirly cannot provide it.

Learners with disabilities and abilities
•Creation of inclusive Classroom where all students are respected through the use of
language that prioritizes the student over his/her disability/ability.
Access to resources
•For example if resouces are available online consideration of colors,fonts,and
formats that are easly viewed by students wilth low vision or a form of colour
Confidentiality,stigma and disclosure
•A student’s disclosure of disability is always voluntary

Reference list
• reach-
•Effective teaching in diverse classrooms/youtube
•Linguistically challenged backgrounds in classroom/ youtube