Methodologies used in Calculating people who consume alcohol

Methodologies used in Calculating people who consume alcohol.
For our research the investigation of people who consume alcohol should be more accurate. Therefor we can withdraw an accurate conclusion with it. When selecting a group of people we should go to large population because there are variations in-between people, they can be ignored when there is a large population in the survey. Survey can be done by considering
• Study population and sampling
• Overall and ethnic specific alcohol use
• Associations of current and hazardous drinking with the level of education, income and occupation
• Smoking and alcohol use
(Dawson, 2003).
Main methodology that is used to investigate the people who consume alcohol is by questionnaires asked verbally. Giving questionnaires written would be a waste because those people show no interest in being participated to such researches. Other methods include aggregate–level analyses for example analysis of mortality rate due to diseases related with long term alcohol consumption or compare variation in per capita alcohol consumption (Dawson, 2003).
Distribution patterns of alcoholism in Sri Lanka
According to researches done early its shown that alcoholism in Sri Lanka is limited to a certain parts of the island, and also should a positive correlation between males, both current and hazardous drinking positively correlated with urban living, and Hazardous drinking positively correlated with lower level of education and older age in rural areas (Katulanda, 2014).
Most of the people in rural areas who earn an income lower than poverty levels are addicted to drink ‘Kassippu’, made by mixing sugar and chemicals. It’s a popular illegal drink among people in rural areas who can’t afford expensive drinks (Katulanda, 2014).