Leadership & Decision Making. i. Decide: leader held all the decision making and solve problems alone and delivers the outcomes to the group. Becoming a store manager somehow express your inner behavior with doing the decision and solving a problem alone with further engagement you held all responsibilities whatever decision your making, you alone deliver the outcomes of your decision as well as solving a problem in store department. This may lead to improvements in terms of gathering information from the group members.
ii. Consult: leader individually slants to group members individually and often express them the problem. This refer to leader taking into account the member’s suggestion and somehow forms the decision to make, either the suggestion by member must be valued or does not help. With the company’s senior managers making it clear that the quality of in-store leadership is a major point of difference between competitors in industry either the junior managers takes this to account or not but they decide if they could use the suggestion of staff members or not.
iii. Consult: this refers in a group meeting where the leader examines the problem as a whole not individual members. This includes members are given an opportunity to share ideas and give suggestion during this time of meeting. Then the leader itself makes the decision making alone, deciding which suggestion obliged by members to use or not. Likely results are having a good effect on group members as they organize things generally avoiding rumors which may dis-lead them.
iv. Facilitate: this is a group meeting as well but differ from consulting advance as leader not giving a hard time to each member as decision are made by group agreement and not by the leader itself. With a good result which having the capabilities of each member feeling that they are valued and somehow act as a team-work status in making a difference between them and the competitors in the industry.
Delegate: this concern of leader not participating or laying a hand on decision making, but the leader prefer information provider and getter and somehow encouraging. Encouraging of senior managers to juniors are the quality of in-store leadership which providing resources and encouraging them with the corporate moving up of hierarchy.
Disadvantages of Transactional Leadership is having Unyielding Leadership which it shows that it doesn’t have a clear structure or policies and law or rules, not Encouraging Creativity with this examines not having innovation and new ideas for the better and good of the business and Accountability of Employees however varies when doing trials of jobs to workers along with rules and regulation to be followed, if something doesn’t go right the workers will be to blame.
Advantages of Transformational Leadership is creating and manage change, with brands and stock evolve, they must be willing to change, improve and expand over time. Engages full person, transformational leaders capable of high productivity from followers in terms of seeking the demand of personal motives. Transformational Leaders are excellent communicators, this refer to having a proper communication which it’s been lack by various corporation with group members aren’t informed properly they cannot be fully productive.
“I believe that showing people the problem and show them the solutions they will be moved to act.” (Gate. B, 2018)