King Louis XIV of France was a very good ballet dancers

King Louis XIV of France was a very good ballet dancers. Therefore, detailed rules of motion and positions in the body was designed by the KingĀ“s court. These rules are still the basic rules for all ballet dancers today. The king contributed, therefore, to transform the dance into a more of a professional dance form by establishing the very first ballet academy.
Women did not dance publicly until the 1800s. They did high leaps and other new dance moves that made the dance more technically demanding then when the men dances alone. The female dancers began to gain more equality as the men dancers.
Ballet began to spread throughout Europe, with troupes and established by the royal ballet companies.
Jean. Georges Noverre transformed ballet into a dramatic form of art in line with opera in the 18th century. Together with many well-known composers a day, Noverre created ballet with the full length with a story that involved dramatic gestures. This put higher demands on the ballet dancers characterization and fluency. But also the costumes were simplified in order to emphasize the movements.