Kavon Hannah Dr Hoskins HI September 10

Kavon Hannah
Dr Hoskins
September 10, 2018
Scandal at Bizarre
While reading scandal at the bizarre from the story line of this book it help to shed light or put in more perspective of the events that may have transpired during that time In history. This book takes a story about a family from Virginia and ties the historical consequences and importance of the events that transpire. In the Book it uncovers the life of the Rudolph family from Virginia. The reading details the story of a female mistreated, a prominent family in despair, the mention of relationship with Thomas Jefferson, the gossip of slaves and the push to bring things back to a sense of normalcy. The word bizarre acts as a honest description of most of the books events and also serves as the name of the plantation owned by the Randolph family. It was on the Randolph’s visit to a plantation not to far in 1972 that weird event start to transpire and things just weren’t right. Those events still are much of a blur today. An interesting thing happens when Nancy becomes with child but is neither married nor engaged. In this particular time in history she would face much ridicule and public shame from society and cause great trouble for her family. In 1793 the book explains that Richard Randolph would be accused of murder. To the public eye he was seen as an evil man even after acquitting. When Richard finally dies in 1796 it was said that he had been poisoned by Nancy. Nancy was one of the only people to at least get the least bit of happiness in this book through her marriage to Mr Morris. This family in the book suffers extensively from the shame and scandal that overtakes their lives. In reading I found so much betrayal of family and the deceitful ways of people in which you may be very close to. Scandal at the bizarre really was a historical reality of a society that was lost and immoral.